URAD Leather Care - World's #1 Leather Conditioners/Cleaners
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URAD Leather Cream is an all natural product from Italy. The lanolin base preserves, protects & renews leather and vinyl of all colors in one easy step. URAD cleans, conditions, shines and makes it water resistant. It dries in just 60 seconds with no buffing!
URAD is for finished leather or vinyl. We also offer TENDERLY  for suede, nu-buck & unfinished leather, as well as GRASSO, the water proofer and softener for all leather.
These Award Winning Leather Care Products are excellent for Vehicle Interiors, Leather/vinyl furniture, Saddles and Tack, Motorcycle Leather, Boots/Shoes, Purses, Jackets, Boat Interiors,  Exotic Skins, and the list goes on and on.
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