URAD Leather Care - World's #1 Leather Conditioners/Cleaners
URAD LEATHER CREAM. Cleans, Conditions, Shines and makes the leather/vinyl water resistant. Excellent for vehicle interiors, furniture, boots/shoes, purses, jackets, saddles/tack, motorcycle leather. Great for any color of finished leather or vinyl!
TENDERLY for suede, nubuck, and soft porous leather. Tenderly will clean and condition without permanently darkening or changing the texture/finish of the leather. It is an all natural, very gentle cream.
GRASSO is a total waterproofer for finished and unfinished leather. Grasso is mostly lanolin and waterproofs from the inside out. It lets your leather breathe while totally waterproofing!
All Products are all natural and are one easy step. Simply wipe on leather with the applicator and let it dry. URAD and TENDERLY will dry in one to two minutes. GRASSO may take 15 to 20 minutes to absorb in and be dry.
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